Chimp Rewriter 3.5.6200 is here!


As this amazing and unpredictable year comes to end, we have just finished polishing off the latest release of Chimp Rewriter. It’s been a hectic year for us and consequently a long time since the last update. However we’ve finally found some time to give the Chimp a makeover and update it to the latest .NET framework to ensure maximum Windows 10 compatibility. This revision of Chimp has some extra features, lots of small improvements, numerous updates and many bug fixes.

Please head over to http://chimprewriter.com/download to download the latest version of Chimp Rewriter.

Here’s some of the many changes:

Monkey in Santa Hat

  • A new “Spin Cleaner” dialog has been added to the Rewrite tab to apply various post auto spin functions to your copy, making auto-spun documents a lot cleaner and more readable. The Spin Cleaner allows you to build and maintain a list of words that can be automatically replaced after a spin. For example, say you hail from the UK and hate that US spelling of “specialized”. Just add an auto replace for the word “specialized” with the word “specialised”. You can also use this feature to fix spin issues like removal of a synonym from commonly spun words. For example, you can replace “{hello|hi|howdy|” with “{hello|hi|”. There is also an option in the Global Synonyms dialog to automatically run the Spin Cleaner after you perform a Global Spin.
  • Article, video, image and website searches no longer require you to sign up to Bing API. We now offer free access to websearch services through our dedicated API subscription.
  • We have implemented a new chrome based browser to allow you to see exactly how your articles will look on a modern HTML5 browser.
  • We’ve added the ability to Spin & Compare dialogue to filter articles by percentage (only enabled if > 60% spin difference).
  • Article finder has been updated and now has improved capabilities for scraping articles.
  • Improved DPI auto-scaling for high resolution/high DPI monitors.
  • Fixed Grammarly grammar checking integration.
  • Fixed Yandex translation services integration.
  • Fixed Article scraper integration with several article services.
  • Word AI results are now HTML decoded to remove HTML codes.
  • Fixed several issues that may cause Chimp to freeze on startup.
  • Many more minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Note that Chimp now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2. This ensures the latest compatibility with Windows 10. The framework will automatically download during installation if you need it. However, you can manually download and install from here if you really want to.

Please feel free to provide us with your feedback on Chimp. How do you use it? Which features work best for you? Which features need improving? Where have we missed the mark? What have we stuffed up? Please let us know so we can improve Chimp Rewriter for you and everyone else.

By the way, we have a long running Uservoice channel with feature requests from many current and past users. Please drop on by and vote for existing features or add your own. We have added nearly 90 features as a direct result of Uservoice requests.

In case you forgot, the update can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

Until next time 🙂


Chimp Rewriter 3.4.6012 Released

A new version of Chimp Rewriter has been released. The update can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

We are excited to be one of the first to integrate Chimp Rewriter with a brand new article creation service called Article Forge. Directly from their website – Article Forge uses incredibly sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to automatically write articles in the same way that a human does. These deep understanding algorithms allow Article Forge to research ANY topic, exactly like a human does. Article Forge reads millions of articles, learning everything it needs to know so that it can write about any topic in its own words.

For more information, click here.

This minor release has the following changes:

  • Added new feature to insert a unique article using the new Article Forge service. This feature can be found in the Insert panel of the Write menu.
  • Added new tab compare feature (found in advanced Ribbon) to allow multiple tabs to be compared against each other. This may be advantageous for example, if you want to compare an original document in one tab and rewrites of the document in other tabs.
  • Added ability to load HTML pages without removing any existing HTML tags. This makes it possible, for example, to spin entire sites using the Bulk Spin directory feature.
  • Anchor search, Image search and Article Finder now provide better feedback and guide user how to resolve un-authorised attempt and/or limit exceeded.
  • Several minor bug fixes.

Chimp Rewriter 3.3.5910 Released

A new version of Chimp Rewriter has been released. The update can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

This minor release has the following changes:

  • Anchor search, Image search and Article Finder now use Bing Search API. You will need to sign up for your own free API. Instructions are included in the application when you first use any of these features. Note that this brings with it many new features and a much larger range of articles.
  • Fixed several Unicode related issues with find/replace and spin functionality.
  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Several minor feature additions including Spin & Preview pane size and location retention and new option in Settings/Save & Restore section to automatically replace HTML encoding with unicode equivalent.

Chimp Rewriter 3.2.5720 Released

A new version of Chimp Rewriter has been released. The update can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

This release includes an updated version of the OpenNLP and IKVM libraries and also implements several stability improvements. This version specifically addresses the “English POS not loaded” issue reported by several users.

To avoid possible loss of work, it is highly recommended that you upgrade Chimp to this version at your earliest convenience.


Chimp Rewriter 3.2.5699 Released

A new version of Chimp Rewriter has been released. The update as always can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

This update includes some minor functionality fixes as follows:

  • Fixed article scraper for several sites.
  • Fixed small bug causing user synonyms to not add to capitalized words.
  • Changed ALT-LEFT and ALT-RIGHT functionality to automatically select the synonym selector list after selecting the next/previous phrase.
  • News tab can now be disabled from opening on startup.
  • Hold CTRL+SHIFT when loading and Chimp will automatically reset your settings file. This can be used if Chimp is no longer functioning correctly.
  • Hold SHIFT when loading Chimp and all browser tabs (Welcome and News) will be automatically disabled. This can be used if the Internet is currently offline or if the Browser component is causing issues.
  • Added enhanced startup logging to assist in diagnosing startup, POS, Thes and language loading issues.
  • Added recovery code to automatically download lost or corrupted language files.

This update can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.


7 New Languages to Rewrite and Spin Articles In

So, you said wanted to use Chimp Rewriter in some new languages.

Starting right now, there are SEVEN new languages available in Chimp Rewriter Pro.



A massive revamp to the German thesaurus and some additions to Italian, French and Spanish.

To add a new language, follow the guide here.


Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4931 Released

It’s almost 1am here down under. Another week of sleepless nights, another version of Chimp is good to go.

The update as always can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

Below is a brief summary of changes:

New Feature:

  • Quick Spin feature added. Quick Spin will automatically parse the selected document applying synonym and phrase spin using special “Magic” settings based on document content. This results in highly spun readable results.


  • Moved manual entered synonym textbox in context menu to first entry. The context menu is also redisplayed after a manual synonym is added.
  • WordPress XML-RPC php extension is now automatically added to site URLs if not specified.
  • Show similarities functionality in Spin & Compare now compares similarities compared to the original version of the spun article.

Bug Fixes:

  • Global spin incorrectly added new paragraphs. Global spin has now been entirely rewritten to remove previous restrictions and inconsistencies.
  • Webkit browser causes Chimp to stop working on some systems. Webkit has now been removed and replaced with the dot net inbuilt browser control resulting in greater stability and compatibility.
  • Reflection removed from multi-lingual string renaming to increase stability and remove incompatibility issues. This has also resulted in slight improvement in Chimp startup time.

I recently discovered a windows installer property called advertised shortcuts. Windows is “smart” enough to know that a shortcut in your start menu or desktop points to a specific version of an application. If that application is updated, say through an auto updater, then the shortcuts may no longer work and may cause Chimp to simply reinstall and “self heal”. The crazy thing is that Windows only does this for a very select group of users after using the auto update feature.

Anyway, long story short, this should be fixed in all future releases and auto-updating should (fingers crossed) become less problematic for the select group of users.

However, if you have any issues after an auto update, I recommend that you download and install the full version from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

– Mark


Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4914 Released

This update contains several improvements and bug fixes.

While not a forced update, it is highly recommended that this update be applied as soon as possible to avoid loss of work.

This update contains several bug fixes discovered in the previous version and can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.


  • Added a new option to the Editor section of the settings window to enable or disable automatic anchor tag wrapping of URLs when the editor is converted to HTML.
  • Added a favorite group to the top of the Synonym Selector allowing all favorites to be applied to a word or phrase with a single click.
  • Improved update speed of very large documents. The interface could seem laggy with very large documents (50,000+ words). Several improvements have been implemented to speed background tasks, coloring and responsiveness while editing very large documents.

Bug Fixes:

  • Profile load issue causes two profiles to be removed on each successive start, resulting in only one profile being available after the third start. This has now been resolved. An interim fix has been implemented to return the profiles back to restored state on affected systems.
  • Fixed spin cleaner bug stopping removal of synonyms matching the word before the spin if the word before the spin is the first word of a paragraph.
  • Removed part of speech determination during a favorite spin operation.
  • Spin is now applied to the main editor rather than the current focused editor (for example the variation editor) when performing a spin all, phrase spin all or favorite spin all operation.
  • Resolved anchor tag issue causing spin to be incorrectly formatted when spinning URLs.
  • Fixed non-English language resource file re-download on startup issue.
  • Resolved colortextbox on selection “value not set to reference object” exception occurring on startup in a small number of installations.

Please download the latest version from http://chimprewriter.com/download.


Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4907 Released

Boy did the last release create some buzz. But not for the right reasons 🙁

Version 2.1.4904 contained so many changes that we delayed its release by a whole week allowing it to be rigorously tested. Unfortunately it turns out that this was not enough!

A number of users have reported startup issues with crashes and freezes. We are truly sorry for this. We have recently implemented security features into Chimp that unfortunately made it a little too brittle. We hope we have resolved all of the reported issues in this release. Please let us know if we haven’t.

This update contains several bug fixes discovered in the previous version and can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

While not a forced update, it is highly recommended that this update be applied as soon as possible to avoid loss of work.

The following bug fixes have been addressed:

  • Incorrect license checks close Chimp Rewriter in evaluation mode.
  • Spin Tags replaced with empty spin.
  • Ordered spin incorrectly defaulting to random spin ordering.
  • HTML not properly rendered in the HTML spin viewer in Spin View and Spin & Compare.
  • HTML files not correctly saved in Spin and Save and Export features.
  • Some users experience a lockup on start at “Registering Plugins”.
  • “SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault” fault during startup.
  • File manifest crash on MD5 checksum verification.
  • Pressing Spin in HTML browser spin view mode causes a NULL fault.
  • Auto load after installation causes some issues. Functionality to be removed.
  • Threading and object not exist errors experienced by some users.
  • Part of speech tokenizer crash on startup.
  • Chimp task stays unning after application shuts down.

Please download the latest version from http://chimprewriter.com/download.


Chimp Rewriter 2.1.4904 Released

A MASSIVE Chimp Rewriter update is now available!

We have addressed more than 60 improvements, bug fixes and feature requests. This is a mandatory update.

The update can be downloaded from http://chimprewriter.com/download.

This version comes with a brand new and VASTLY IMPROVED English thesaurus. The way we select the quality of synonyms and phrases has been completely revamped and the results are awesome! We are super keen to hear your thoughts. The new thesaurus will not work on older version of ChimpRewriter which is why this update is mandatory.

Another significant improvement is a 10 fold decrease in memory usage and a 10 fold increase in spinning performance. That’s right – CHIMP IS NOW 10 X FASTER!!!!!!

As if that’s not enough, another great improvement is the introduction of a brand new spinner called the SPIN EDITOR. With this spinner, you can view your spun document in real time and modify synonyms directly from the spun content. You can also set Spin Edit to original mode to spin your document without ever getting lost in all that messy spintax. This is a huge leap forward in the field of manual rewriting.

New Features:

  • The new “Spin Editor” works as follows: If you click in the document editor it spins and loads the current sentence and paragraph into the Spin Editor and highlights the current location within the paragraph/sentence. If you click in the sentence or paragraph box in the Spin Editor then it locates the text in the document editor. Text is colored within the Spin Editor – blue is spun text and black is unspun text. You can generate spin versions or original version by using buttons in the toolbar. You can use the Synonym Selector to spin the current word.
  • A crazy new thesaurus is available for the first time in this version. We added some really cool statistical analysis to the previous version of Chimp and using this information we were able to tweak and adjust our weighting algorithms to amazing effect.
  • A “Command” attribute has been added to the profile editor. The command can be used to execute a program or script after each profile has finished exporting. Commands may also include the following special syntax: [filename] for export file name and path, [name] for export name only, [path] for export path only, [profile] for profile name


  • Document statistics are now displayed for each document in the Spin & Compare form.
  • Spin View now remembers and returns to current vertical scroll location after each spin.
  • Memory usage is significantly optimized allowing very large documents to be spun 100’s of times without causing an out of memory error.
  • The speed of spinning documents is now significantly increased.The speed improvements are realized in the Spin View, Spin & Compare and export functions.
  • A new and updated Part of Speech engine has resulted in greater accuracy of part of speech determination for words and synonyms.
  • Document statistics now show total character count in the Spin View.
  • New code has been added to allow language resource files to be automatically downloaded for different languages. This will allow language files to set the text of buttons, help text and so on. Stay tuned for regular language specific updates.
  • Upgrading from Basic version to Pro version no longer requires the application to be shut down and restarted.
  • A checkbox has been added to the upgrade window allowing the current version upgrade to be ignored.
  • The auto updater has been re-enabled allowing updates to be applied without downloading and reinstalling each new version.
  • Project and density tabs can now be opened/closed from the edit menu.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rapid Rewriter selection sometimes jumps back to a spun section causing Rapid Rewriter to “get stuck”.
  • Manually adding synonyms within the Rapid Rewriter textbox causes the synonym to be inserted into the wrong location.
  • Copyscape API highlighting disappears during text editing.
  • Profile text encoding always defaults to ASCII encoding.
  • RTL text causes highlighting and cursor location problems.
  • Learning from existing spin does not learn all synonyms.
  • Fixed several “index out of range” and null exceptions within the colortextbox control.
  • Changes to project values for signatures, tags and snippets do not update until after application restart.
  • Pressing the restore button in the options menu does not enable the apply button.
  • Profile export HTML file type does not work.
  • Overriding the export copy control mode or number of copies in the export manager does not work.
  • GDI exception on startup.
  • Exception in user class when determining machine code identifier.
  • Opening a new tab after all tabs have been closed causes the new tab to be shown in the “restored” state instead of the maximized state.

Please download the latest version from http://chimprewriter.com/download.